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A freeze-free account policy for users - openb - 06-11-2016

Payeer e-wallet

This is:
* Integration of numerous-international payment systems and methods
* A freeze-free account policy for users
* Payments to anyone, worldwide (More than 7,000.000 potential users)
* No verification to remove the limits and restrictions
* No limits per internal transfers
* Extended payment limits on withdrawal to International Visa/MC cards
* Depositing your account with a bank card (over 200 countries)
* International transfers to bank cards (more then 200 countries)
* Funding your account by SWIFT (more then 200 countries)
* International SWIFT transfers to 3-rd parties (more then 200 countries)
* The Merchant option for connected sites with various-international options of payment
* The automatic conversion of currencies upon funding, withdrawals and exchanges
* The Exchanger of various payment systems, without pre-registration
* The mass payments to numerous payment systems and banks
* The Partnering Program, a 5-level referral system